Sunday, 29 June 2008


Opened @ the NigerianComedy Show at Porchester Hall, London yesterday. Didn't go as good as I would have liked. This stand comedy sef is too hard jare. I seem to do my best work sitting down.
Ben TV showing repeats of my inetrview on Princess of Arize and I seem to be getting more love from that.
Big up to David Balogun of E & C Ent for putting show together.
Might kuku stick to TV. We shall see. Meet interesting comedians- A. Dot and Okey Bakassi. Also caught up with a Uniben alumni- Ade Harrison who came along to photograph the event
Spain won the European cup tonight! They deserved it on account of their skill displays through out the tournament. Last time they won it was the year I was born. (1964).
As Spain own don bo si, make papa God do my own too. (And your own).

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Pslam Twenti

Psalm Twenti
May Papa God tek yua calls wen yua wata don pass Garri,
may im name corva yu laik corva cloth for harmattan nait.
May Papa God message area angels dem from im parlour to yu,
mek dem Western Unionize yua account with transfer from Zion.
Mek God no forget yua tithes and offering
Mek God gi yu dat thing wey dey hungry yu so, so dat all yua plans go bo si.
We go follo yu halla and jollof wen yua own come betta.
We go carry Papa God name up laik Naija flag for Octoba first.
Mek God ansa all yua praya complete.
I don see say Papa God dey save im persin, dey pick dia calls,
come text back strong strong blessings wit im right hand.
Some put mind for bullet proof moto,
some na dia security guards, but we put all awa mind on top Papa God
Dem fall down yakata! But we denge, dey set laik majestic Iroko inside bush.
Papa God, save yua pickin. We kneel down dey beg, no ansa awa call wit voice message.

Dr Wilson Orhiunu