Saturday, 5 April 2008

Babavroom on The Poetry Digest

Magazine to be launched in May 2008 in Nigeria by Kifayah abdulQuadri - Publisher of The Poetry Digest. Nigeria. More details to follow...

Babavroom in Wembley 3

(Trust me, this picture is really Kanu on the ball).

Was quite excited to watch Kanu in the flesh after years of television viewing. He is indeed a one off. He didn’t look or move like a world class athlete. He limped slightly as he ran with hunched shoulders. His speed looked like he might have been playing golf or something. But when the ball gets to his large feet, a miracle seemed to take place. He becomes transformed into a magical talent. Defenders all stop and stare like they are spectators. They all just watch as if hypnotised. His feet move to a different rhythm. One he hears in his soul. Kanu does not play football. He performs miracles.

First Half.

West Brom out played Portmouth completely but lacked decisiveness up front. Too many passes and not enough shooting. Sol Campbell and Slyvian Distin were outstanding in defence for Portsmouth.

Second Half

Kanu scored on the 54th minute and got substituted at 80 minutes. I read that he is 31 years old (I say no more).

It was a shame West Brom didn’t win though, as they practically did most of the running.

All that remains now is finding tickets for the finals.

Babavroom in Wembley 2

Nice drive down the M6/M1. Impressive looking Stadium.

Wonderful atmosphere. The fans sat at opposite ends of the stadium and booed each time an opponents name was mentioned on the public address system.

Was really entertaining. Even had my picture taken with the West Brom Mascot.

The pitch was real quality as was the public address system.

Babavroom in Wembley 1

Went to the new Wembley for the first time today.

Was the Semi-finals of the FA cup between West Bromwich Albion (Kanu’s former club) and Portsmouth (Kanu’s present club).

In Birmingham the big three clubs are Aston Villa, Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion.

Invited by Godfrey, a friend from church, who drove.