Thursday, 27 December 2007

Psalm 37 for the fretful

Psalm 37 for the fretful

Hold liver when Yahoozee guys hammer
No jealous dem
Laik Dongoyaro leaves for Harmattan
EFCC go blast dem complete

Put mind for Papa God
Live, dey enjoi for Obodo Planet Earth

Shake bodi for Papa God
Den im go give yu dat thing yu dey find

Give yua waka to Papa God
Trust am
Like sun wey appear quick for morning
Na so yua land case go solve

Stop gra gra, relax
Make liver no fail when guys hammer
no share reach you,
when dem use wayo to take make am

Coolu temper
no dey shake
Bad pipo dem, God don cut dia light
But pipo wey put mind for Papa God
Dem go inherit dis land

Smol time reach
bad pipo varnish
Like teeth for old man mouth
You find dem, you no see

Meek pipo nko
I say dem inherit plenti plots with no yawa added

Bad pipo plan bad for di righteous
God dey laff dem laik comedy show
As im don calculate bad pipo demise

Wicked pipo pull bulala
gun and machete, to finis poor man
To annihilate di righteous dem
But bulala tail go blind dia eyes
Dia gun go explode inside dia pocket

One pomon of righteous
Sweet pass bad pipo carviar
Di wicked dey claim champion, but Holy Ghost fire burn dem complete
I say Papa God helep carry di righteous shoulder up

Papa God sabi all di days of im pickins dem
dia inheritance na from lai lai to lai lai
Wen kasali burst, dem dey pa
Wen Owu dey blow, na life dem dey chop

Wick pipo yamutu;
Papa God enemies;
all laik beautiful flower wey acid fall on top’
dem all go varnish

Wicked pipo buy market no wan pay
Righteous dey tip borku
Pipo with good head go inherit acres
Dem wey God swear for, go chop sand

If Papa God laik yua waka
E go make yua leg strong kakaraka
Yu fit stumble o, but yu no go land yakata for ground
Papa God take hand wedge you

I suck breast as bomboi
And now everywhere na grey hair
Yet I no see Papa God fashie di righteous
I say I no see dia pickin dey beg garri for road

As good pipo do for pipo
Na so Papa God do for dia pickins

Coommot eye from bad, do good
Make yua leg strong for town

Papa God love good pipo
E no go forget im faithful pickins
E go protect dem from lai lai to lai lai

Bad pipo tori don wowo
Yet righteous inherit land
Dey live forever

Righteous open mouth,
we hear betta word
Im tongue yarn balanced tori

As Bible full im bele
im leg no trap for poto poto

Bad pipo set trap
Dem wan kill di righteous
God forbid dat plan to succeed
God forbid make wicked call righteous guilty

I say no do gra gra
Waka di one wey God direct

He go lift yua head make you inherit land,
wen bad pipo dey deported
Yu go take yua two eye see am

I see wicked man dey shine
Dey laik Iroko with deep roots
Fiam! Im yamutu commot
Like fifty Kobo note, I find am , I no see

Dey look righteous, dey look laik Lucozade
Dia future bright well well

Sinners dem go dey destroyed
Dia future don get Kobo-leg

Salvation of di righteous, na from Papa God
Im hide dem wen kata kata manifest

Papa God helep dem, deliver dem
I say im save dem from wicked pipo
Bicos why?
Di righteous dey laik refugee for Papa God belle

God almighty, na you bico!!!

Dr Wilson Orhiunu